Here at Dianna’s Writing Den I do occasional writing workshops. I did several on my old blog, Fictional Worlds. My last Pre-Nano workshop has been moved and other workshops will be added as they happen. This is a list of workshop posts to help you find useful writing exercises.

Pre-Nano 2010

~Welcome to October First! A post starting the Pre-Nano workshop with reading recommendations and things to think about.

~Culture 101 The first exercise in the Pre-Nano workshop, showing you how to build a culture.

~Prompt and Questions The second exercise in the Pre-Nano workshop, with a prompt and some world building questions focused around culture and religion.

~Language 101 The third exercise in the Pre-Nano workshop, which is about creating a language for your world/thinking about how language would be different on your world.

~A Prompt and a Question The fourth exercise in the Pre-Nano workshop, including a prompt and a worldbuilding question.

~Religion 101 This post talks about religion, provides you with a basic profile tailored to the Gods, and gives a prompt.

~Happy Thanksgiving! And Prompt is a brief post consisting mainly of a holiday themed prompt.

~The Passage of Time Is a post about creating a calendar and a time marking system for your world.

~Law 101 A post full of ideas for making up your own laws and things to consider when making them.

~Prompt of the Day Is just a basic prompt post.

~Mythology 101 Is a post talking about mythology with questions designed to help you build your own mythology.

~Basic Profile Time Is a post giving a basic character sheet as well as a prompt.

~Promptage Another prompt 🙂

~Conflict 101 Talks about conflict and asks questions designed to create conflict/design a plot.

~Prompt of the Day Yet another prompt.

~Characterization This is a prompt-like exercise with the goal of helping you get in touch with your characters.

~Why Everybody Should Try Nanowrimo This is a post convincing people to try Nanowrimo. (Please note that the workshop was ended early due to unforeseen circumstances.)

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