This page is a comprehensive list of my publications around the web.

Online Publications

Guest Posts

How Writers Can Benefit From Publishing Internships–My Name Is Not Bob

How to Get–and Keep–an Internship–My Name Is Not Bob

Writing Book Reviews Well–Read Learn Write

Anti-Schedules for the Writer Who Hates Schedules–The Renegade Writer

Developing Yourself as Both a Person and a Writer–Livehacked

Managing a Blog–Or Two–Girl Seeks Place

When Opportunity Comes Knocking–Cloud and Mountain

Writing Work: Online Columns/Reviews

Indie Music Reviewer: Woman of Indies–March–Single

West and Crooked: Toronto Street Writers

West and Crooked: Review: The Hunger Game

Running a DJ business-DJiZM

When to book your DJ–DJiZM

Choosing your wedding playlist–DJiZM

Newsletter and Magazine Clips

Internships to Start Your Career–WritingKid Newsletter edited by C. Hope Clark.

Introducing You to… Toronto, Canada written for Parle Magazine’s online section.

Why Many Sufferers of Mental Illness Don’t Seek Help published by Parle Magazine.

Other Paid Work

Chase Aden Musician Biography

Now Hear This Blog Posts

Now Hear This is a Canadian company promoting literacy that I had the pleasure of working for in late 2011.


Book Review: Mad Kestrel by Misty Massey

Online Writing Communities


Volunteering at Word on the Street

5 Reasons to Write Your Novel During Nanowrimo


How Writing a Novel is Different from Writing a Short Story

Resources to Help you Plan a Novel


Writing Challenges for you Now that Nanowrimo is Over


Emma Larkins’ Community Fridays

Patricia Yager Delagrange from Musa interviews me

  1. Nice list of credits. Very cool.

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