Interview/Review Policy

I suppose I’m at the point in my blogging career where I have to put one of these pages up. If you are an author, publisher, or agent looking to get either an interview or a review of your book here at Dianna’s Writing Den, this page is for you.


I interview authors of all genres, from YA to erotica to non-fiction. Because of the nature of my blog, interviews are ten questions long and focus on the writing process itself.

Authors who wished to be interviewed should email me with a synopsis or blurb for their book, a bio of up to 100 words, and either the cover art for their book or a picture of themselves.

All emails should be sent to with the subject line ‘Author interview’.


At this time, with school and Musa and my own writing, I can only review one or two books per month. I’m interested in reviewing pretty much anything except erotica. If you are an author, publisher, or agent interested in having me review a book, send me an email with the back cover copy for the book and a link to the author’s website or blog. If I am interested, we will work out review copies, giveaways and anything else important via email.

Once again, ALL emails should be sent to, in this case with the subject line, ‘Book Review: Title/Genre’.

I am not in much of a position to buy books right now, being an unemployed student and all, so odds are I will be requesting a review copy.

Legal Disclaimers

I am an intern for Musa Publishing, so you can assume that any Musa books I review were attained via lovely gift certificates, and while I will try not to be biased in my reviews, I will probably always be biased towards Musa as a whole company.

Any other book I review was probably given to me by the author for review purposes or in a writing competition.

I am an Amazon Affiliate as of very recently, so any links to Amazon books are affiliate links and will theoretically owe me money.

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