Last Friday I was officially diagnosed(after jumping through several hoops over several years) with tendonitis in my left wrist. For the next few weeks I’ll be wearing a splint day and night, slowing down my work speed and completely eliminating hand writing possibilities.

It’s taken me several days to get the courage to write this post. While I’m happy the healthcare system is actually taking my issues seriously, I’m severely depressed about not being able to write by hand. I’ve also realized that if I stand even the slightest chance of having finished this draft of Moonshadow’s Guardian by the end of the summer, I need to focus more on that. I’m also working on a handful of paid projects that will now take more time to complete.

The bottom line is that I don’t have time for everything on my plate now that I’m being forced to work more slowly. Without pen and paper, even the creation of ideas is much slower. And as much as I love this blog, right now I feel my other projects are more important to my career in the long run. So I will be going on official hiatus until I’ve been freed from the splint.

Not that I’ll be disappearing completely. I have a few interviews planned for the next few weeks including one with Hope C. Clark of Funds For Writers. I’ll also be giving semi-regular updates on my progress with the tendonitis. I just won’t be able to maintain my usual schedule of posts.

I hope you can understand the decision I’ve made and will check in with me to stay updated on when things will be able to get back into full swing here at Dianna’s Writing Den.


About Dianna Gunn

I am a freelance writer by day and a fantasy author by night. My first YA fantasy novella, Keeper of the Dawn, is available now through The Book Smugglers Publishing.

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  1. Hope you regain the use of your writing/keyboard hand ASAP.
    In the meantime, you might try training your non-dominant
    hand to perform tasks you usually would do with your dominant
    hand like brushing your teeth, writing a pen, etc. It will make
    you stronger n the long-run.

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks so much for the well wishes. Growing up in a right handed man’s world, I’m lucky because I already know how to do most things with my right hand as well as with my left. Writing with pen… well it’s pretty awful, but it’s worth a shot.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. Greetings!

    Take good care of your self. Injuries – and workplace health and safety – must get appropriate attention. Like athletes, artists must take care of their “instruments”. Do whatever you need to do to get well soon!

    in other news, I am still (?!) writing this BBC Sherlock fanfic. Some day it will be over. It’s approaching nano length, however. LOL.


  3. Hi RedParrot,

    I’m doing my best. The splint does seem to be helping my wrist, though it’s driving me totally bonkers. That’s not so bad, though, since I was pretty much bonkers to begin with.

    What a long fanfic! It shames any of the ones I’ve ever written, to be sure. Do you think you’re anywhere near the end?

    Thanks for stopping by,

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