Today’s market listing is focused specifically on anthologies. Anthologies are a great way to join a bunch of other writers in creating something and to get your name out there. They almost always have specific themes, so unless you happen to have something suitable on hand, you’ll probably have to write a story specifically for the anthology you want to submit to.

The Fantasy Faction Anthology Created by a well known speculative fiction blog and forum called Fantasy Faction, this anthology will contain several non-fiction articles as well as stories written by well known authors. For those of us who aren’t so well known, they are holding a contest which includes six publication places and three cash prizes.

Shanghai Steam This anthology is an attempt to delve more deeply into steampunk from an Asian point of view. It looks like a really cool concept anthology and they pay $0.03/word up to 3, 000 words.

Bibliotheca Fantastica Dagan Books is looking for stories about books–rare, weird, maybe even magical books–of up to 10, 000 words. I think this is a great idea for an anthology and I’d love to get it in my stocking, even if I’m not really sure I have anything to submit to them. They pay two cents per word.

Dark Faith 2 Run by Apex books, the same people who run Abyss&Apex the magazine, this anthology is looking for the story that only you can write, something that’s both deeply personal and universal. It’s a good idea to read the first one before submitting to this one.

I hope you find at least one of these anthologies to be worth submitting to. Don’t forget to go through the guidelines thoroughly and to make sure the deadline doesn’t slip past you. If you miss a reading period for your favourite speculative fiction magazine, there’s always another one, but it doesn’t work that way with anthologies. While some of them are annual, it’s best to assume that it’s a one off and that you only have one chance to get into that market.

For anthologies, I suggest reading the guidelines three times. The first time is when you find the anthology. The second time should be after you finish the story you’ve written for the anthology, and the third time should be right before you submit, after edits. No matter how awesome your story is, if you don’t read the guidelines, your story might be formatted incorrectly and it might just end up in a trash can, virtual or real. You want to always give your work the best chance possible.

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