Home Run!

Well guys, this month has disappeared into the abyss and we’re now sitting on the twenty-eighth of November and hopefully almost 50, 000 words. Some people are terribly behind and confident they won’t catch up. Others have already won. Still others caught up this weekend and are now in the final few thousand words of their novels. A few–those lucky (or unlucky, depending on your point of view) enough to not have obligations on Tuesday mornings–are going to be staying up all night tonight to catch up.

Personally, I’ve already won. But that’s just a technicality. To me, my 87, 000 words doesn’t mean I’ve won yet. My goal is 100, 000, and even more than that, my novel is nowhere near finished. My main characters haven’t been reunited yet and they definitely aren’t storming the castle. So I’m going to keep writing right along with you.

These final days are the home stretch, the last part of our great race to 50, 000 words. For some people they are the hardest days, for other people they are the easiest days. For me, they’re rather complicated since one of my best friends had his son’s first birthday party on Saturday, the anniversary of my dad’s death just happens to be today, and my boyfriend’s birthday is tomorrow.

Not all of us will hit our word count goals. That’s okay. As I pointed out on Friday, nobody expects you to win except yourself. We’ll all be cheering for you anyway just because you joined us in this great pursuit of literary abandon. Trying, and to keep trying right up until the end, that’s the point of Nanowrimo. You don’t have to finish your book, you don’t have to win. Nobody’s going to judge you. You just have to try.

And on the subject of finishing your book, if you’re at 10, 000, 25, 000, or even 50, 000 and you haven’t finished your book yet, that’s perfectly fine. I don’t expect to finish my book by November 30th either. That’s why they created something called NanoFiMo, which is the challenge to finish your novel in December. The official word goal is 30, 000 words, but the most important thing is to finish your novel. It looks like the site is a bit of a dud now, but that’s okay.

After all, you can join me in the epic quest of novel finishing. While I do expect to hit my goal this year and maybe even to surpass it a little bit, I don’t expect to finish my novel in the next three days. So, while I’ll be taking the first few days of December off to visit all the friends and family I’ve been so desperately ignoring all December, I will shortly be getting back to work on my novel.

30, 000 words sounds like a good goal to me for the month of December, and a good amount to help me finish my novel. To write 30, 000 words in the month of December, you don’t even need to write a full thousand words every day: December has thirty-one of those. You’ll probably want to write more so that you can take Christmas off and maybe a couple other days, but you don’t have to.

So next month, join me in the race to finish a novel, and if I manage to get geeky enough by the end of December, I might even make some pretty graphics for those of you who finish your book next month. If not, I’ll figure out some other way to recognize your awesomeness. Suggestions are always welcome.

But before I go, there’s one last very important thing I have to mention. I received in my inbox last night a message from the wonderful Chris Baty, founder of Nanowrimo and my personal idol. This message explained that the Office of Letters and Light is a wonderful organization supporting literary abandon, and that it costs a lot of money to run Nanowrimo every year and the Young Writer’s Program.

He then went on to say that right now, the Office of Letters and Light is facing the BIGGEST FUNDING GAP they’ve ever had at this point in November. Now, if I had some form of income other than the pittance I get for my Now Hear This Blog Posts, I would donate a lot of my money to Nanowrimo. These people are amazing and this community has changed my life in a lot of ways. The huge funding gap visible on the home page scares me. I know these are hard economic times and that most of us can’t afford to give much.

If you’ve been enjoying these posts about Nanowrimo, if I’ve helped you to complete your novel, or if you’ve ever enjoyed my blog outside of Nanowrimo, or checked out one of my other web pages, PLEASE sponsor me today by following the link below and donating. Your donation will provide me with smiles and a pretty halo, and it will hopefully give you the warm fuzzies because you just did something great for someone else. I’ve also decided to create a wall of fame. My wall of fame will include the preferred names of all those who donate in mine, and links to whatever websites they would like to pimp out.

So, if you would like me to post your name on a pretty sparkly page I’m going to make as soon as November’s over and I’ve gone to visit the relatives I’ve been ignoring all month, please sponsor me:

Dianna L. Gunn’s Sponsorship Page


About Dianna Gunn

I am a freelance writer by day and a fantasy author by night. My first YA fantasy novella, Keeper of the Dawn, is available now through The Book Smugglers Publishing.

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