How to End Your Dear Diary Project

Whether or not you planned it, some sort of structure and story arc has probably appeared throughout the course of your Dear Diary Project. With only a few days left in the month, it`s time to start thinking about how you`re going to end your Dear Diary Project and finish your story arc. It`s important to write something which will tie up a couple of loose ends and feel satisfying as an ending to both you and your character.

There are lots of ways to end your Dear Diary Project, and what is most effective depends on you, your character, and what you`ve written so far. You should spend at least a little bit of time during the next few days planning and setting up hints for the end of your Dear Diary Project, whatever that is going to look like.

Here are some ideas for ways to end your Dear Diary Project:

1. A New Journey– Over the last thirty days, I am sure your character has changed, and so have the people around them. It can be surprising how rapidly people change, and how rarely somebody you met a month or two ago is the same person when you meet them again. The changes in your character’s life and psyche can be leading them down a new path at the end of your Dear Diary Project. It may be that your character leaves home now for the first time, or that they choose a career path they’d never really thought about. Whatever it is, the introduction of something completely new will both end the story well and show that the character’s life goes on.

2. A New Friend/Lover– Another interesting way to end your Dear Diary Project is with a meeting. Your character might meet someone new, or they might suddenly realize that a person they’ve never talked to is actually really nice. They might have been waiting for something like this to happen all month, but then again, maybe they haven’t been. Writing down the moment in which they truly gain the new friend or lover, and showing their emotional reaction to it both in the moment and afterwards, also rounds off the story nicely.

3. A Great Loss– We’ve all lost somebody at some point in our lives. Your character is much the same–and if they haven’t lost anyone yet, they’re sure to lose someone eventually. Loss can be a powerful moment in your character’s life, and their reaction to it can show you so much character. As a bonus, this ending gives you extra depth, and an opportunity to let your character really grow. What if they actually stop writing their own diary when you do, because they are so depressed from their loss? It happens to lots of people. We all react to grief differently, and from the point of view of characterization, this is one of the best endings.

4. Something Completely Different– Really, you can end your Dear Diary Project however you want. It’s up to you and your character to find the best ending for your Dear Diary Project. Just make sure that the ending makes sense considering your character and the story you’ve been telling.

Personally, this has been the easiest Dear Diary for me to write, and it will be the easiest to end as well–I decided on the ending more than a week ago. That said, I think it’s also the one I’ve learned the most from. I hope you’ve learned a lot so far. Next week I’m going to talk about how to get the most out of your Dear Diary Project, but in the meantime, enjoy the last few days of your Dear Diary Project.

Have you thought of an ending for your Dear Diary Project yet?

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I am a freelance writer by day and a fantasy author by night. My novel, Moonshadow's Guardian, is available now everywhere ebooks are sold.

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  1. So many characters, so little time to write a diary entry for each
    one of them on a daily basis. However, as time & tide permits,
    I find this practice to be extremely useful–fleshes out who
    they are. Cuts through the gray voids of simple conception.


  2. PB,

    Welcome to Dianna’s Writing Den ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the Dear Diary Project. I’ve done it with a few characters over the years and I plan to do it with a few more. As character development for my novel, I’ve written a few first person shorts that are almost diary entries. The most entertaining one I’ve written was one about a character–a prince, in fact–losing his virginity. I’m sure you’ll find the technique very helpful in fleshing out all of your characters.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Hi again,

    these options for the end are interesting. The possibility of introducing something new wouldn’t even have occurred to me, but it sounds refreshing.

    As for my diary, it has ended with option three. Seriously, the character has lost just about everything including his sanity! Despite that the last entries were fun to write. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Melange,

    There are so many different ways to end a Dear Diary Project–or any story for that matter. This year, mine will be ending with something new, when my MC and her trainer finally become lovers. I’ve ended it differently in past projects.

    Technically, the challenge isn’t over yet. It ends when the month does, on Friday. But if you really can’t push out any more Dear Diary entries, don’t force it: just take the practice of writing every day and apply it to your next project.

    Thanks for stopping by,

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