It’s a Writing Exercise

In order to more fully develop the characters in Moonshadow’s Guardian, I’ve written up a list of writing exercises and I’m going to work my way through them. Some of them are meant to be scenes, and some of them are meant to be internal monologues. All of them are meant to help me develop my characters and the relationships between them. I want to spend some more time writing out Riana’s childhood. I also want to develop some of the smaller characters-the king and a couple of the soldiers travelling with Riana-further. My first few exercises are going to hop from character to character, focusing on developing each individual. Then I’m going to start working on developing the relationships between the characters, writing off-stage dialogue scenes.

Each week I’ll be posting one of these exercises. I hope you’ll come with me on my journey to discover my characters. By writing a few carefully chosen moments in our characters’ lives, we can learn a lot more about them. Our voices will grow with each new exercise, and hopefully we’ll have some fun too. These exercises aren’t supposed to be a big deal though, so don’t let them get longer than a couple of pages.

This week, I’d like you to write an internal monologue for one of your characters. They should be talking about their first love.

And here’s part of my exercise:

I leaned forward. “Did you mean to kiss me last night?”
“I did.” His expression remained unchanged; a true king rarely showed his emotions.
“Do you mean…” Here I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. “Do you mean to kiss me again?”
Now he smiled. “I do.”
“Does that mean you love me?” I asked. I covered my mouth as soon as I’d spoken; I didn’t mean to be so up front about it.
“It does.” He stood up and began to pace. “I shouldn’t, though. It’s bad for my reputation, you know. I’m a king and all that. I can’t just love whoever I want. She has to be noble, the marriage has to be politically advantageous, and she has to be human. And I have to marry her.”
“You should be able to love whoever you want,” I said.
“I should be, but I’m not.” He stopped and leaned close to me, lifting my chin until I was looking into his eyes. “Only the poor get to choose their brides.”
“All kings are corrupt in one manner or another,” I said, “loving somebody inappropriate is one of the lesser crimes.”
He sighed. “I suppose.”
“And if we’re careful, nobody will find out until long after you’re dead.”
“I doubt we’ll be that lucky,” he said, “but maybe, for once in my life, I shouldn’t let that stop me. Maybe I should just love, the way I want to love.”

Please post your favourite paragraph from your writing exercise.


About Dianna Gunn

I am a freelance writer by day and a fantasy author by night. My first YA fantasy novella, Keeper of the Dawn, is available now through The Book Smugglers Publishing.

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