Prompt: Meditation

Preparing to become a professional writer means making myself more disciplined. It means learning to say no to distraction. It means learning to ensure that writing time is always writing time. It also means that I must stay productive, even when I’m not actively working on a novel project. Prompts are one way to ensure that you stay productive, even if you’re not producing your highest calibre of work.

Today’s prompt:

Write 500 words about Meditation

My Response:

For the first several days I stayed near a small shrine to Astra, Evelyn’s goddess. It was only half a day’s ride away from the city but it was a land of solitude. I lived in a small cave and set out traps for anything that might come across them. I meditated by the river each morning when I woke up. I sent words to the sky to Evelyn. I might not have cared about the Gods, but I didn’t believe that this life was the only life.

At the end of a week, with a rabbit in my pack, I moved on. I traveled southward, towards the city of Duranth. I stayed on the road and kept my senses focused on the forest. Barbarians and terrible monsters were said to roam the woods; I had seen no such things, but Evelyn spoke of them as though she had. I believed in Evelyn more than I believed in the Gods she worshiped.

I traveled slowly; I did not know what I sought, and I was in no rush to find it. I hunted and scavenged food and I kept myself alive. I slept near the road, under the canopy of tall silver birch trees and once an oak tree. I did not get lonely. I preferred the company of the trees and the birds, to be honest.

At the fork in the road, just a day away from Duranth, I stopped. Something, perhaps the call of a strange bird, perhaps the sound of a woman singing, called me away from the road. I jumped down from Taea and led her along by the reins. I could see something blue and sparkling in the distance, and it enchanted me.

I reached a clearing filled with a small, sparkling blue pond. It was not connected to the river, and it seemed cleaner too. I dipped a hand in and it felt fresh and clean. Taea drank from it and she seemed to be smiling at me afterwards.

I set up camp and then sat down by the pool cross legged. I closed my eyes and focused on the world around me. The birds were quiet and the sun would soon set. The air was clean and the energies of this place pure. A deep calm washed over me, filling me with peace. Evelyn’s face appeared in my mind’s eye, smiling down upon me. My own mouth smiled instinctively, as though she could see my response.

Perhaps she could. And perhaps she had led me to this place… Perhaps I would find my destiny here.

I ate only a small meal that night. I drank the water from the pond and it tasted clean and perfect. My final thought before I fell asleep was that this pond could be a sign that I was going in the right direction.


About Dianna Gunn

I am a freelance writer by day and a fantasy author by night. My first YA fantasy novella, Keeper of the Dawn, is available now through The Book Smugglers Publishing.

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  1. Dianna,

    What a lovely creative piece. If you haven’t considered flash fiction, perhaps you should. And, may I suggest Apollo’s Lyre (an e-zine). It’s a free e-zine, and a great way to get those lovely words out there.
    Thank you for sharing your piece.

  2. Kay Dee,

    Thanks 🙂 I do enjoy the flash fiction that I write here, but I would rather devote my time to my longer works. My short stories and my novels are where I put in the most effort-those are what I plan to make my career out of.

    That said, I am using some of these for a creative writing assignment for my English class.


  3. Greetings:

    Post in usual spot. : )

    I enjoyed your post and in particular this line …
    “I believed in Evelyn more than I believed in the Gods she worshiped.” … That is a *fantastic* line … There is an entire character sketch in that one line. Love it!!

    I also – sort of randomly – like the name “Duranth” as a place.

    In other news, still doing some final work on my “work blog” … having been “forced” to have our communications department lecture me on Successful Blog Features, I have to say that you do so many of them … : ) … I have your blog in mind in a couple of key respects as I continue working on my own. : )


    • RP,

      Such a lovely piece you wrote. I am very intrigued, both by what Elgin picked up and by the strange sensation in his elbow. I’m wondering what happened to him-he’s a vampire after all, they’re not so easily damaged. I look forward to your next piece.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my piece. I still don’t know this girl’s name, but she’s got an amazing voice. Duranth is one of the cities in my world for Some Secrets Should Never Be Known, which takes place in the Kingdom of Llyr. I don’t think she’ll get there; I think she’s destined up to meet Marla.

      A lot of my tips I’ve gotten from Problogger. I only incorporate so much-this blog is not about money, it’s about communication with other writers-but it’s full of great advice for all kinds of blogs.

      I do try very hard to make my blog writer friendly and to write about topics that matter to all of us. I’m glad that you can see my efforts 🙂

      Thanks for reading,

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